Friday, 12 August 2011

Kamloops Real Estate Market Information for Feburary 2010

One of my duties as a kamloops real estate agent is to provide you with acurrate information about the market place so that you can better understand the current value of your home, whether you are buying or selling.  Here is information about the Kamloops real estate market in Feburary 2010:
Comparative Analysis by Property Type, Feburary 2010
MLS Activity, Feburary2010
Sales by Subarea, Feburary 2010
Are you thinking about buying or selling your home? How does this information apply to you?  Contact me for the latest information about the market that can help you be informed about the market conditions.

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  1. As a Costa Rica Real Estate Expert I appreciate your efforts to share the importance of the market place...The link is really informative...