Thursday, 26 May 2011


The official opening of for the new addition to the TRU campus skyline opened today!
TRU House of Learning
Designed to provide more space for the ever growing University this building is state of the art and offers environmental and hertiage features:
Kamloops Economic source
TRU helps to inject millions of dollars into the local economy by drawing students from across the country and all over the world.  TRU english as a second language program has a excellent reputation for first educating asian and european students to speak english than equipe them with a post secondary degree they can use to get high paying jobs here and abroad.
TRU House of Learning plant wall
This plant wall offers students "fresh" air to help generate fresh ideas.
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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Just List Services (One Realtor's Opinion)


Just listing services have made the news lately. This is where you pay a third party or discount brokerage $750-$1000 upfront to list the property on MLS.
Some background on the service
Years ago a lawyer wishing to make easy money on the side wanted to offer this service through a website in an attempt to make money with little to no effort or time. The Real Estate board of Canada prevented this from happening because in their view selling Real Estate should involve Agency. Where a Realtor is legally responsible and insured to represent the best interests of the Seller.
The Realtor advertise the property to potential buyers, works with potential buyers, makes it easy for other Realtors to view the property, takes on going classes every year to better represent their clients, and helps insure buyers that they are making the right decision to buy a particular house out of the 100’s of properties that are for sale.
Using these services the Seller on average gets a much better price for their house and the house is sold much faster than if the Seller tried to sell the property themselves.
When a Seller uses a ‘just list service’ Buyer agents who work for just the best interests of the Buyer approach the Seller and try to arrange a time for viewing that is best for the Seller and the Buyer. The Seller must be there for every viewing, which makes viewing a property more difficult and potentially awkward. If the Sellers and the Buyer agree to a price the sellers Brokerage doesn’t have to report that sale price to the Real Estate Board so the sale price won’t be known by the general public for up to a year. Sellers rely on Realtors to give them weekly updates on the market sales so that they can price their homes to make the most amount of money.

I think what sellers will find is ‘just list’ services has no value. If it becomes more popular Realtors will no longer offer “free home evaluations” and Sellers will have to pay even larger upfront fees to properly price their house for the market.
If you still think ‘just listing’ services are a good idea then here is another idea to ponder. With elections just past why don’t we just get rid of Politicians all together? We have the Internet and civil servants so any big decision could be posted online for everyone to vote on. Think of all the money we would save! Federal politicians make $150,000 plus per year plus expenses and pension!

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Monday, 16 May 2011

Kamloops - A great city to invest!
Out of hundreds of cities Kamloops was recognized for promise for the future.
Published by Tourism Kamloops
Kamloops Recognized in Top Ten Cities of the Future In the Americas
Kamloops, BC – Kamloops, British Columbia has received a prestigious recognition from Foreign Direct Investment Magazine. The first ever Americas Cities of the Future 2010/11 competition which publishes a ranking of the economic business and financial strengths of cities across the American Continent (both North and South) has recognized Kamloops as 9th overall in their Micro Cities Category, 2nd for its Foreign Direct Investment Strategy and 5th for its Cost Competitiveness in their Micro Cities categories. Micro cities have a population of less than 100,000.
Foreign Direct Investment Magazine – Americas Cities of the Future 2010/11 shortlists were created by independent data collected by fDi Intelligence division across 405 cities across North and South America. Six categories were evaluated: Economic Potential, Human Resources, Cost Effectiveness, Quality of Life, Infrastructure and Business Friendliness. A seventh category was added to the scoring – FDI promotion strategy. In this category, 100 cities submitted details about their promotion strategy and this was judged and scored by our independent judging panel.
"This recognition of Kamloops’ efforts is well deserved. Our growth in infrastructure and business opportunities, our ideal location as a transportation hub as well as our superior quality of life amenities all contribute to Kamloops being a great place to invest. Having such a prestigious ranking will only enhance our efforts to attract international investment into our community," said Dan Sulz, Executive Director Venture Kamloops.
A more detailed list of the winners and categories can be found in this month’s Foreign Direct Investment Magazine – April 2011 or on their website at
fDi Intelligence is a specialist division from the Financial Times Ltd established to provide industry leading insight into globalisation with a portfolio of world-class products, services and business tools that allow organisations such as investment promotion agencies, companies, services providers and academic institutions to make informed decisions regarding foreign direct investment and associated activities.

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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Kamloops Real Estate Update on Condos, Half Duplexes, and Townhouses For April 2011

Here is an update on the on sales in the Kamloops area for half duplexes, condos, and townhouses over the month of April compared to the same period last year. If you are interested in buying or selling real estate please contact me c: 2503200154 website:

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Sun Peaks Slush Cup 2011

Another great winter season is over in Sun Peaks!  Winter conditions were above average this year with lots of powder days sprinkled between blue bird days. At the end of every year there is the Slush Cup! Take a look at the video below: Thinking about buying or selling in the Sun Peaks area? Contact me: or

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Kamloops Employers

Kamloops is getting to be known as the Tournament Capital of Canada. With world class recreational facilities we draw visitors from across Canada and into the USA. Tourism contributes to Kamloops' economy in a big way.  Aside from Tourism Kamloops has a diverse strong local economy.  Below are some of the largest and best paying employers in the Kamloops area:


To insure that no child is left behind in Kamloops school district 73 has about 2000 employees to help enrich the minds of every Kamloops student hoping to become tomorrows Doctor, Nurse, Musician etc.

"Nowhere in Canada has the evolution of post-secondary education been more dramatic than in Kamloops, BC. The last two decades have seen a transition from community college to an innovative university-college, and now to a full provincial university with a unique mandate. Thompson Rivers University really is a different kind of university."  TRU website.
TRU is best know for its business degrees and excellent trades programs. Drawing thousands of international students to Kamloops every year due to low tuition fees and great geographical/living standards TRU continues to be an excellent economic source for Kamloops.  Going forward, TRU continues to focus on international student retention and attraction and will be adding a Law program to attract more students to the area.

Highland Valley Copper Mine is located in Logan Lake.  The majority of its workers live and play in Kamloops.  With some of the best paying jobs with the best benefits it is no surprise that a job a Highland Valley is greatly sought after.


BC has the best wood fibre (kraft) in the world.  This fibre can be found in paper that is used around the world. Domtar is one of the largest producers of market kraft pulp. Kamloops is the only owned and operated plant in Western North America. It has capacity of 477,000 tonnes. There has been 350 million invested in capital improvements since 1984; $80 million since 2000. In 2008 it was rewarded with the BC Export Award for Sustainability.


With a goal to conduct and manage gambling in a socially responsible manner for the benefit of British Columbians the BCLC has been doing business for 25 years.  In 2011, for the second year in a row BCLC has been officially recognized as one of the Top 100 Employers in Canada. In addition to being named to the Top 100, BCLC received topprovincial honours for the fifth year in a row, as well as being name a Top Employer for Canadians over 40 and a Top Family-Friendly Employer.

Kamloops has long been a transportation hub do to our geographical location.  Hundreds of well paid employees with good benefits that work for the CP and CN rail call Kamloops home.


There was nearly $1 billion spent on mine development in 2010 with a good portion of that spent here in Kamloops.  New Gold Afton is the main driver of those investment dollars. Aside from the New Gold mine there are two potential mines in the area that are getting serious attention. A Heffley Creek area mine which has little support from the surrounding communities and the Ajax mine which has a good chance of getting into production.  The Ajax mine is currently making its way through the province's environmental process.  If the Ajax mine goes into production it would mean an additional 400 or so well paying jobs and millions of dollars to the local economy.
It is these employers and others that make Kamloops such a great place to live and invest.  With real estate still very much affordable Kamloops is very attractive to live and work.

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Sun Peaks Golf Course

This is a quick tour of the Sun Peaks reward winning golf Course. Sun Peaks is located within 45 minutes of Kamloops BC. For more information about Sun Peaks visit
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