Friday, 5 August 2011

How to Pick Your Kamloops Realtor

Picking the right Realtor(r) is an important first step in selling your home for the most amount of money and also in the shortest amount of time.  You will be entering an agency relationship so your Realtor(r) must be someone you trust a lot. Your agent is your marketer, concierage, consultant,  emotional buffer, licensee (lawyer), negotiator, and hopefully when it is all said and done - a friend!

There are lots of Realtors(r) out there but only some work as a Realtor(r) on full time basis. Being able to get in touch with a Realtor(r) is one of the first requirements you should consider.

Does the Realtor(r) return your phone call promptly? You want a Realtor(r) that isn't too busy to return important phone calls whether it is from you or a potential buyer.  Being a Realtor(r) is 24/7 type of job because buyers and sellers have all sorts of schedules that Realtors(r) must work around. From your perspective if you want to sell your property on Saturday morning your Realtor(r) should be at your house that morning so that he/she gets all the necessary listing papers signed before getting on the phone and sending out emails to all the other Realtors(r) just in case the perfect Buyer is in town that weekend!

Does the Realtor(r) share important market information? The real estate market is always changing and there are new listings coming on the market everyday and being sold everyday. Allowing you the seller to review the closest comparable properties and recent sold properties is crucial to listing your property correctly.  The best time to sell your home is with the first month of it being in the market.  After that period it becomes harder and harder to hold your price and usually the number of quality of buyers starts to go down - there are only so many sales in a year.   Reviewing your competition and recent SOLDS might even convince you that listing your property isn't viable.

Does your Realtor(r) walk you through the different forms and paperwork you need to complete?  Listing your property requires a lot of forms for you to fill out.  Including a the listing contract, property disclosure statements, individual identification, and working with a Realtor(r) forms  -there is a lot to go over!

Once your property is listed it is a good idea for your Realtor(r) to go over a Purchase and Sale Contract before the first offer comes in.  By reviewing a standard Purchase and Sale contract you will be familiar with the contract and common clauses in this contract so that when a real offer comes in there will be less confusion so that you can clearly understand what is expected from you the Seller!

How much of a Salesman is the Realtor(r)?  Selling real estate involves salesmanship! Realtors(r) must be problem solvers, and a people person.   There are lots of different types of people out there and Realtors(r) must learn to deal with all types.  Generally speaking there are 4 different main types of people: The Driver, The Supporter, The Entertainer, and The Analyzer.  Each type of person must be dealt with a little differently and your Realtor(r) should have some idea how to deal with all of them!

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